Please come if you only wanted to absorb, Honey from nature.

Hotel Krishna Cottage

(Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

Krishna Cottage Fun Retreat

Krishna Cottage organises 3-day Fun Retreats for those who wish to take a break from the busy city life and have a fun time in the midst of nature. Make a weekend trip to Rishikesh and return home fully relaxed after a full body massage, yoga, meditation and some fun activities. On the Fun Retreat you will get a chance to visit several places of interest in Rishikesh as well as enjoy a day camping out.

₹ 8320 for 1 person (personal room)

₹ 13420 for 2 person (shared room)

₹ 18520 for 3 person (shared room)

  • full body oil massage
  • Yoga class
  • City Site scene
  • Meditation class
  • Camp Site scene
  • Meals

(Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

Fun Retreat at Hotel Krishna Cottage


Hotel Krishna Cottage We Krishna Cottage, a hotel property in a small town called Swargashram near Rishikesh City, Uttarakhand, India. A Hotel property surrounded with windy mountains as well Holy river Ganga.

Price includes Meals, Tea and complimentary nibbles. Any service not include in the package if needed would be charged extra.


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Thousands of yoga enthusiasts and travelers from all over the globe have stayed at Hotel Krishna Cottage for over 10 years.

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