Please come if you only wanted to absorb, Honey from nature.

Hotel Krishna Cottage

(Every Monday to Sunday)

Yoga Life & Fun Retreat

At Krishna Cottage we hold 7-day yoga workshops which are interspersed with fun activities. Going away from Rishikesh without doing yoga (as it’s the capital of yoga worldwide) is like visiting Agra and not seeing the Taj Mahal. Rishikesh, yoga and adventure sports are a combination you will definitely like to experience and enjoy. This is the reason that we have brought to you this yoga and fun retreat.

₹ 19320 for 1 person (personal room)

₹ 31420 for 2 person (shared room)

₹ 43520 for 3 person (shared room)

  • full body oil massage
  • Yoga class
  • Yoga and Life Philosophy class
  • City Site scene (with tour guide)
  • Meditation class
  • Camp Site scene
  • Meals
  • Camp Site scene (15 km through car drive)

(Every Monday to Sunday)

Yoga life and fun retreat schedule

Tuesday to Friday Schedule
Saturday Schedule
Sunday Schedule
Monday Schedule

Hotel Krishna Cottage We Krishna Cottage, a hotel property in a small town called Swargashram near Rishikesh City, Uttarakhand, India. A Hotel property surrounded with windy mountains as well Holy river Ganga.

Price includes Meals, Tea and complimentary nibbles. Any service not include in the package if needed would be charged extra.


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Thousands of yoga enthusiasts and travelers from all over the globe have stayed at Hotel Krishna Cottage for over 10 years.

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